Symlink Stork

In Symlink Stork, you can create symlink for each partner. It protects access to data if you are uncomfortable with one of your partners and stop working with them. Each partner gets his unique address, while the data is all the same. If you end the collaboration, delete his symlink. The data connection of other partners will work without changes.
Where to use Symlinks
In situations where you want to control who accesses your data, and you want to be able to prevent it from accessing it in the future.
  • Connection of business partners see.
  • Connection of affiliate advertising networks - be aware that several partners can access your networks through the affiliate ones. Among them may be your competitors. And even if you stop working with the network in the future, they can remember the URLs of your feeds.
  • Connection of other advertising or other systems.
What Symlink Stork can do
  • Create symlinks.
  • Symlinks can be temporarily deactivated and then activated, duplicated (for easier creation of multiple symlinks), and deleted.
  • Record symlink history - when the last symlink was visited by someone + basic information about the visitor.