How is the number of products calculated for tariff determination?

Total number of products = sum of all feeds. For example: 2.000 items for Heureka + 2.000 items for + 1.500 items for Google Merchants = total 5.500 items = Basic tariff. To find out more about our different tariffs visit Pricing.

Tariff is set automatically after registration and feed import according to the number of items. If the number of items in your feed increases, tariff is changed automatically at the end of the month. In case you intentionally decrease the number of items in your feed and thereby reach a different, lower tariff, you need to let us know at [email protected], so that we can invoice you the correct amount. This function is not automated intentionally, because short-term feed outages could result in unnecessary fluctuations.

If you have more than one online store (e.g. marketing agencies), the feeds sum up for each online store separately – combining online stores is not possible, even if they vary in domain only (cz/sk/com...).