Apps expand the possibilities of Mergado. Some apps are free, others are paid. They are a great and effective tool for improving your advertising, all in one place – Mergado platform. To learn more about each app and to activate go to Mergado Store. Below is a basic overview of all Mergado Apps. Detailed guide and help can be found under Mergado apps page of this guide.

Free apps

These apps are free for unlimited period.
  • Mergado Keychain
  • Credito
  • Repairman
  • Mergado Pages
  • Mergado Logbook

Premium apps

All premium apps have a 10 day free trial. After that they automatically pass into a paid mode.
  • Bidding Fox
  • Feed Image Editor
  • Pricing Monitor
  • Data Owl
  • Heureka Watchdog (for CZ and SK only)
Last modified 3yr ago