Custom Format

Previously, it was possible to work in Mergado only with feeds that had our specifications. More than 350 formats are quite a lot, but there are still new ones that we do not know in Mergado. For example, from foreign comparison engines, supplier feeds, or special feeds of e-commerce solutions.
In Mergado, we have a new feature called Custom Format. We could call it universal/user format. It allows you to upload any XML or CSV feed to Mergado and then work with it.

How to do it?

1.) When creating a new export, click on the new button "Manually set source format."
2.) You are now on a page where you "map" elements from your input (unknown to Mergado) feed to Mergado. To understand why this step is a little more complicated, we have tried to describe it easily.
3.) Name the new feed.
4.) Click Save. It redirects you back to a known page where you specify the input and output feed. At the input, you will have a set and named feed set by you. And on the output, you classically choose the format as needed.
Last modified 1yr ago