First steps

First you need to know if your feed contains any errors. This you can do for free with our XML audit. It will help you detect the basic technical defects of your XML feed.
Than there is also the Repairman app available for you. This app is able to find and repair by itself those errors that can be fixed automatically. The app is free and you can activate it in Mergado Store. For more about Repairman app continue here.
Another free app is Mergado Keychain which enables you to connect Mergado with Google Analytics and different comparison shopping services. The connection will enable you to see various statistical graphics and charts on the Summary page so that you better understand the data you send out.
You will be able to see e.g. which products are selling with a loss. This can have a number of reasons. A product can be paired to a wrong category, can have uncompetitive price or CPC bid, its availability is not ideal or an image can be missing. At the same time it is good to focus on produts generating profit and see if maybe raising CPC bid could lead to growing sales. For more about Repairman app continue here.
Next step could be managing your feed data based on the requirements and specifications of different comparison shopping services. Most of them will let you know the possible issues. It could be unpaired items (due to product name or product category) or e.g. insufficient product identifiers. Each comparison service has a little different requirements so it is good to approach each feed individually.
Advertising analysis – this requires advanced knowledge of online marketing or a good marketing consultant at hand. It is not going to be a one day work, but from a longterm perspective it can really boost your sales.