The Products page enables you to search products and create different product queries based on various conditions.
Choose an element within which you want to search.
Select a condition based on which you want to search.
You can choose from a list of different conditions. If the element contains a numeric value, you can use e.g. “is/is not equal to, is less/greater than” etc. If the element contains text, you can search based on the number of characters (“is equal to, is less/greater than”) or use “contains/does not contain, starts/ends with” etc. Or simply search products with an “empty” or “not empty” element.
Enter the searched value (number or text). The field will try to give you a hint based on the element content.
Use regular expressions to define your query. E.g. you want to find all products which cocts more than 20 USD, is located in category containing word “jacket” and with “Adidas” brand. You would then search:

Search and save

Choose whether you want to search in input/output data and limit the search to “not-hidden products only” and/or ”products with manual changes only”.
Click Search.
Make sure you save the created query so that you are able to apply rules to that query etc.